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CCU’s Wall College announces 2020-2021 professorships

August 12, 2020
E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration.

The E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration at Coastal Carolina University has awarded professorships to faculty members who exemplify excellence in teaching, research, and service. The following professorships have been awarded for 2020-2021: The Vereen Teaching Impact Award to Kurt Hozak; the Baxley Applied Impact Award to Leann Mischel; and the Blanton Distinguished Research Impact Award to April Spivack and Mitchell Church.

These professorships were created in 2015 to annually recognize professors who have a positive impact on the University community and surrounding areas. The criteria for all three awards include publication of original research, demonstration of quality teaching, dedication to service, and appropriate professional and personal conduct; however, each award recognizes a specific area of excellence.

The Vereen Teaching Impact Award was named in honor of the late Col. Lindsey H. Vereen, who was a member of the CCU business faculty from 1966 to 1977. Vereen was a decorated World War II veteran who earned a master’s degree in industrial management from the University of Pittsburgh. The Vereen Teaching Impact Award is intended to recognize overall impact in the classroom, and in particular, faculty who demonstrate high-quality teaching performance and are able to relate real world business experiences to classroom learning.

Hozak, associate professor in the Department of Management and Decision Sciences, joined the Wall College 2010 and has served the college in several capacities. He served as a course coordinator and as a faculty mentor; served on the Distance Learning and Wall Advisory committees; and reviewed academic journals. Hozak uses self-made Excel applications with random problem generation and automatic feedback to help students practice decision analysis skills. He also worked tirelessly to make his content more accessible to students with disabilities.

The Baxley Applied Impact Award was named in honor of the late Col. William Baxley Jr., a longtime CCU business professor and administrator. This award is intended to acknowledge overall impact in an applied business setting, including scholarship that makes a substantial contribution to the application of sound business practices and teaching that relates applied business practices to the classroom environment.

Mischel, associate professor in the Department of Management and Decision Sciences, came to CCU from Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Penn., in 2015. She has served on various committees at the University such as the MBA Committee, the University Core Curriculum Committee, and the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee. Mischel also regularly delivered segments on innovation and effective communication for the Tidelands Health Leadership Academy. Mischel is training to be a SCORE volunteer and advises local businesses on topics such as growth and management. She had two articles accepted for publication in 2019, both focused on applied teaching in entrepreneurship. In her teaching, Mischel uses case assignments and simulations to encourage applied thinking in her course on small business management. When teaching innovation, she utilizes iterative feedback processes to encourage learning from feedback and works with students toward external certification in innovation engineering.

The Blanton Distinguished Impact Award was named in honor of the late James P. Blanton, a local businessman, conservationist, legislator, champion of education, and founder of CCU. This award is intended to reward high-quality scholarship that enhances the reputation of the college.

Church, chair and associate professor in the Department of Management and Decision Sciences, came to CCU in 2015 from Slippery Rock University. His research productivity in 2019 resulted in two high-ranking publications as measured by the Australian Business Dean’s Council (ABDC), and two of his papers, titled “User Misrepresentation in Online Social Networks: How Competition and Altruism Impact Online Disclosure Behaviours” and “Pictures Tell a Story: Antecedents of Rich-media Curation in Social Network Sites,” were published in A-ranked journals.

In addition to his research, Church attended and presented his work at several conferences and served on a handful of University committees such as the Academic Affairs Committee, Faculty Senate, University Calendar Committee, College Curriculum Committee, and the MBA Advisory Committee.

Spivack, assistant professor in the Department of Management and Decision Sciences, came to CCU from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 2016. In 2019, she had three manuscripts published into peer-reviewed articles: “Recasting the Door: An Applied Design Thinking Skill-Building Exercise,” which was published in Management Teaching Review; “Psychological Underpinnings of the Work-Site Selection Process of Knowledge Workers,” which was published in the Organization Management Journal; and “Applying Complexity Theory for Modeling Human Resource Outcomes: Antecedent Configurations Indicating Perceived Location Autonomy and Work Environment Choice,” which was published in the Journal of Business Research.

Spivack has also presented at conferences, traveled with CCU business students to Europe for the Wall College study abroad program, served on various University committees, and helped a student apply and earn acceptance to the Master of Science in finance program at Georgetown University.