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Coastal Student Success Center

The mission of the Coastal Student Success Center is to promote student learning and provide robust, comprehensive support for students enrolled at Coastal Carolina University. Our student-centered staff aims to support students in developing skills and strategies to enhance their academic and personal performance."

The Coastal Student Success Center includes Academic Coaching Experience and the Tutoring and Learning Center, as well as the Bridge and CEal (Coastal Excellence and Leadership) programs.

Academic Coaching Experience

The Academic Coaching Experience Department (ACED) consists of academic coaching specialists and offers the ACED-101 Academic Strategy Development course as well as focuses on academic coaching currently for the following special populations:

  1. Students participating in the Student Opportunity for Academic Recovery (SOAR) program,
  2. Coastal Excellence and Leadership (CEaL) program students,
  3. Bridge program students,
  4. First-time, full time students identified through an early alert system, and
  5. Students who self-refer, or who are referred for academic coaching by professors, staff and administrators.

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a comprehensive, rigorous, residential program that provides an opportunity for participants to improve their academic skills and meet the admission requirements of Coastal Carolina University. Jointly administered by Coastal Carolina University and Horry Georgetown Technical College, the program provides support for the transition from high school to college and places primary emphasis on engaged learning in an active community of teacher-scholars and students. Students are invited to participate in this program based on their SAT/ACT and high school GPA.

Coastal Bound

In addition to the residential Bridge Program, Horry-Georgetown Technical College students may elect to enroll in the Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) and Coastal Carolina University (CCU) Coastal Bound Program. Students can enroll in this program in their first semester or any subsequent semester, and may remain in the program until they successfully graduate or meet the transfer requirements to CCU. This partnership will provide students who have identified CCU as their transfer institution with additional CCU services early in their collegiate career.

Students who elect to enroll in this program will receive the following services from CCU: The CINO Card, to be used to gain access to HTC Student Recreation CenterKimbel Library and many campus events in addition to the services provided by HGTC. Additional benefits include access to intramural sports, and scheduled student activities as well as access to facilities like the Lib Jackson Student Union, Student Health ServicesCCU Counseling Services and the Academic Coaching Experience Department and the Tutoring and Learning Center. 

Students will also need to submit immunization records to CCU. Immunization Records are to be submitted to the CCU Student Health Services. Students will be charged a non-refundable $500 fee per semester and must adhere to the Code of Conduct at both institutions.

CEaL Program

The Coastal Excellence and Leadership (CEaL) Program grants conditional admission to some students who fall just below the University's admission requirements. Admission to the CEaL program is by invitation only to a select group of students who have demonstrated academic potential through their hard work in high school classrooms. Students in the CEaL program must participate in and successfully complete a rigorous summer program before beginning their first fall semester at Coastal Carolina University.

Tutoring and Learning Center

The Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) provides support for a variety of courses offered at Coastal Carolina University. The TLC is comprised of three curriculum-specific tutoring centers fully staffed by peer and graduate tutors: the Foreign Language Instructional Center, the Mathematics Learning Center and the Writing Center. Tutoring in these centers is available to all students currently enrolled in courses at the University.